Thursday, 4 September 2014

Eau de dog done good!

Going to write this obedience school post while today's delight is still fresh in my mind!

Group off lead walk went brilliantly with no overly boisterous play from my girl, just fun, fun, FUN with the other dogs, who were all having a fab time playing and racing around the field.  Recalls were good too, which was of course an added bonus ... but for me, today was all about a super group of friendly dogs playing happily together; so lovely to watch.

Heel work was good too! Polly turned on the charm, completing both courses with other dogs in fairly close proximity.  She worked mostly off lead and with fewer food treats than usual. Clever girl!

No problem either with sits, stays, downs, stays, formal recalls with 'downs' thrown in for good measure and we even completed a final down stay with distraction - yay Polly!!!

Agility however, was a different kettle of fish.  It started okay, but went downhill when Polly decided to make a break for it to have a romp with Elsie, another gorgeous goldie. From that point on Miss Polly went into sniff mode (incidentally, all the dogs were extremely interested in the scents on the course today, even more so than usual for some reason) and lost focus completely, so when we were invited to do a formal timed circuit, I bailed out.  This was partly due to Polly's lack of interest in agility today, but also partly because I really don't enjoy being in the spotlight ... (and yes, before you say it, I do know I'm a wuss!)

Agility aside, there was noticeable improvement in Polly's obedience and social skills today AND the drive up that narrow country lane was relatively free of traffic ... all in all, I can report a satisfying and productive school day for both owner and dog.

Poll's fast asleep at my feet as I write this post; like most youngsters, schooldays wear her out, probably exacerbated by the bath I subjected her to as soon as we arrived back home, to remove the 'Eau de rancid milk' cologne she rolled in during our walk on the playing fields this morning.
Phwoar, she might turn on the charm on the training field but boy oh boy, she can be a right ol' doggy stinker too!!!!

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