Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Real Life Training

I took back-to-back 'Real Life' dog training sessions today, to give Betty and Polly the experience of busy town walking. It was Betty's first time in town, so I wasn't sure how well she would cope but she crossed a busy ring road, ignored a motorbike backfiring and sirens wailing, walked calmly through a busy shopping centre, trotted over a busy bridge with cars rushing underneath and trains passing by, stepped up steep steps (politely!) ... in fact you name it, she did it. She even went in a lift with another dog without batting an eyelid! My cheeky little pup coped brilliantly with what was a very stressful environment with unknown dogs (she hasn't walked with the group before). Since we came home, little Miss Boo, now ten months old, has been looking extremely pleased with herself! 

Polly (now three years old) also did herself proud on the town walk, walking perfectly to heel throughout and making firm friends with a miniature dachshund from her group ... she even slowed her walking pace so they could walk alongside one another! So sweet!

After three solid hours of town based dog walking today, I really need a sit down and a cuppa. Very proud of both my girls today!


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mission double dog walk

Mission double-dog walk accomplished, with a busy 'A road' full of fast moving scary lorries and buses, thrown in for good training measure.

We finished our walk with a lively romp on the playing fields and met four good natured little dogs, a staffie, two cockerpoos and a springer spaniel. I was absolutely soaked to the skin by the time we left, but we enjoyed our walk (mostly thanks to Betty's new Gentle Leader head harness - it doesn't make her an angel on the lead exactly, but boy does it help!) I hated the idea of using a head harness, but after struggling with my friendly little steam engine when she's walking with her sister, I caved in ... and am now glad I did, as it seems to have created a turning point for us. Betty now walks beautifully on a body harness when it's just me 'n her and the head harness helps when I walk both girls together. She's still learning and I'm sure we'll be able to ditch it soon.


Postscript ... I should mention our double dog walk success was not just due to Betty's new head harness, to be fair Polly walks beautifully to heel nowadays; she is such a good girl on her lead, no matter how hard her sister pulls. Betty Boo please watch your big sister and take note!
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