Thursday, 11 September 2014

Days like this

Waiting in for couriers is the bain of poor Polly's life when there's a big wide world out just there waiting to be explored, woods to be sniffed, doggy pals to be made ...

Yesterday was such a day, so we played games while we waited for the doorbell to ring.

Polly's favourite game is 'tug' and she would happily play for hours if I was a more committed partner, but as there is only so long my arms can hold out against her determination, I've taught her to drop the tug rope on command, so we can incorporate 'fetch' into our tug game and give my arms a brief rest!

While we were waiting for the courier yesterday, Polly started to become a bit fidgety, so I thought we'd have a change from tug and put her nose to work with a game of 'find it' instead.

She had heaps of fun hunting for her favourite doggy biscuits under a blanket, putting her nose into serious sniffer action and using both paws and teeth to move the blanket in a concentrated effort to locate her treats.

By the time the courier arrived to collect my parcel, Polly had found all her hidden treats, played tug and fetch, barked at the bin men, enjoyed a lazy morning snooze (and a sneaky dig in my garden!) and was eager to go out for a long walk and a lovely bounce round the local playing field with a rather handsome young lab ... (well to be fair, which self-respecting girl goldie wouldn't?!)

I must admit, finding my 'work/dog entertainment balance' isn't always easy ... I'm way too much of a sucker for those beautiful, playful, brown eyes!

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