Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Polly's First Summer

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Polly's first Summer

Summer has been glorious here in Kent this year, so Polly has been enjoying walks in our local country parks ...

Last weekend we visited 'White Horse Wood Country Park' and 'Bluebell Hill Viewpoint' and had a lovely ramble across the North Down's way.

The fields had been threshed ready for harvesting and were gloriously golden.  There's a definite hint of Autumn creeping into our landscape and Polly has had so much fun in the late Summer sunshine bouncing around the great outdoors!
She's bounced her way through long grass and woodlands too, chased butterflies and even watched hang gliders take off into the clouds ... (mind you, she really wasn't sure quite what to make of those, so decided barking would solve the confusing problem of flying people!)

We have had some fabulous walks with our Polly and have thoroughly enjoyed watching her explore her new world in this, her first Summer.

Polly is maturing into a beautiful girl; she's bouncy, affectionate, loyal and clever ... and now I wonder how I ever managed without her!

Here's to many more country walks with Polly this year - not only has she become an important member of our family in the four months she's been with us, she also fills my days with fun and has made sure Stuart and I enter our fifties in far better shape!
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