Monday, 1 October 2018

Wherever I lay my head is home

It's been quite a while since I updated Polly's Progress and of course, we now also have Betty progressing well ... which gives a bit of a clue as to why my blogging time has been considerably reduced! Yes, with two dogs to take care of, train, walk, play with, there isn't much time left for writing about it. That said, I thought I'd pop in and fire off a quick blog post, as we've just returned from a week in windy Cornwall with the family and that, of course, included our girls!

Unfortunately when I booked the holiday accommodation, I forgot about the seasonal dog ban on many of the beaches in West Cornwall, but I was determined they would have the freedom to run and play while we were away, so we drove to beautiful Holywell Bay, a dog friendly beach we visited last year and one of the most stunning beaches in Cornwall. My girls had a wonderful time racing around sand dunes and streams, although I kept a very close eye on them along the shore as the current was fierce, the surf was high and Betty is far from a good swimmer!

Needless to say, I couldn't resist a paddle with my delighted girls, so I stripped off my shoes and socks and in I went with them. Thankfully they were polite with me, so I stayed relatively dry!

Aside from fun on the beach, Polly and Betty have also hiked miles across Cornish cliffs, visited pubs, tea shops and quaint fishing villages with me and my family, ridden on the Great Western Railway to St Ives and even visited a castle, including climbing medieval spiral staircases without protest.

A visit to Pendennis Castle in Falmouth

St Ives

Wild 'n windy Porthleven

Hiking to Lands End

And I almost forgot to mention the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek! We wanted to take our grandchildren to visit so were thrilled to learn it was dog friendly. Polly and Betty walked politely on leads as we met seals, sea lions, ponies, penguins and some sheep ... (that's when you know for certain all the obedience training paid off!!!)

It bears mentioning that holidaying with dogs can be stressful for them. Long car journeys, strange destinations and unfamiliar accommodation, added to extra time spent on leads and high behaviour expectations, can be tough on them. That said, I think the benefits can be very rewarding and it's a great way to put your obedience training to the test. My girls loved being away as part of our large family group and although little Betty found the extra lead walking in new places challenging on occasion, those long walks in strange Cornish places, have noticeably helped improve her lead behaviour since our return home. The girls also enjoyed a ton of attention from admirers and family while they holidayed and had some fabulous off lead fun in places we couldn't hope to replicate where we live.

All aboard the Great Western Railway to St Ives

We are family

We have had a lovely time on the wild 'n windy West Coast of Cornwall and my girls have done themselves proud. They settled wherever we settled, proving that wherever mum lays her head is home!

So proud of this pair!

Happy hols Polly and Betty!

Dog tired!

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