Saturday, 30 August 2014

Following a lead ..

Saturday afternoon and as husband's at the footy, me n' my Poll Monster have been at the playing fields practising obedience and playing chase together.  One thing's for sure, Polly has certainly improved my fitness since she came to live with me - I never ever ran before and now I'm running around like a twenty year old again. (Well, almost, lol!)

Practising her down stay

Lately I've been using a 15m training lead when we visit the local playing fields.  That way Poll gets to run freely when appropriate and I get to grab the end if she looks as though she's likely to get herself into mischief!  This play time system is working very well for us and gives me the confidence to allow Polly more freedom in dog and people populated areas.  

Playing 'fetch' with Dad

Naturally Polly would rather wear no lead at all, but given that she's a big, bouncy girl, prone to socialising with every man and his dog, a long lead is useful in helping to remind her to stay close.  Polly still gets to chase the birdies in big circles if the field is empty and when she recalls on cue, is always thanked with a grateful fuss and a tasty nibble of cheese, but if I need to take hold of the end of the lead, Poll can still explore, sniff and trot along at her pace, rather than mine and we can save the more formal walking for pavements. 

Down staying with mum wandering around

Yep, all things considered, using a training lead is working well for both of us!

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