Tuesday, 14 April 2015

One of the family

It's been a little while since I wrote a blog post, but in the meantime, me 'n Polly have been toddling happily along together, enjoying our daily walks, obedience training and of course playtime together.  During the past two years, Polly has settled comfortably into her role as my companion and since both my kids left home, has proved herself to be the polite, happy, family dog I wished for when we invited that chunky, cheeky puppy girl into our world two years ago.

She is gentle with children, polite with visitors and never happier than when her favourite family members visit; there's no doubt Polly really loves 'her' people and is proving herself a respectful member of our family, especially with our important little people.

Gentle with my Grandson

Part of the family

I recently took Polly to visit my daughter in her new flat for the first time and am happy to report she was a very well behaved guest, even sitting patiently by the front door when she needed to let me know it was time to take her out for a wee!

Visiting Fay

Fay was delighted to have Polly visit her!  As independent as she now is, I know she really misses her special furry pal.  As you can see from the smile on Polly's face in the pic below, she was every bit as delighted to find Fay in her new home as Fay was to have her visit!

Polly loves to be included in family visits and enjoys trips in my car, so whenever she is invited and it is practical to do so, I happily take her along.  

A word to the wise when visiting with your dog: 

If this is something you would like to try with your own dog, I would respectfully suggest it is important to bear in mind that visiting as a house guest can be stressful for any dog.  Even if they are usually the most polite of dogs, it is essential to consider that asking your dog to cope with human expectation, in unfamiliar surroundings, is a very big ask!  

A few tips below:

1. I walk Polly before visiting to give her a chance to relax and toilet prior to arrival.  I also take a clicker and treats to ensure she remembers her training manners and try hard to stay focused on her needs/body language throughout our visit.  

2. If there are cats living in the house, I don't take Polly. I don't think it's fair to resident cats to have a bouncy goldie girl imposed on them.  Resident pets always have first priority.

3.  It is critically important to consider the needs of resident dogs in a home you are visiting because even the best behaved dogs may experience insecurities when their territory is 'invaded' by a guest dog.  My sister and I have found that a local walk with her resident dogs, prior to us settling down in her home for a cuppa and chinwag, usually works wonders for all concerned!
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