Saturday, 20 September 2014

There'll be blue skies over the White Cliffs of Dover

I'm not good at heights and sheer drops, so yesterday's walk along the White Cliffs of Dover under beautiful blue skies, in melting hot September sunshine, was guaranteed to test my nerve!

There wasn't a hope in hell of me letting Polly off lead - in fact if I could have glued her to my side I would have done!  Luckily for her, my husband is far less of a wimp and so she ambled along on her lead at his side as I tried my hardest not to nag too much about walking close to the edge.

As the day panned out, Polly was probably more at risk from heat exhaustion than cliff edges.  It was a hot, humid day, without so much as a whisper of breeze, so we carried water and made sure Polly rested and drank with us.  By the time we headed back to the car, Poll was tired and very hot, so when she'd finished drinking, I paddled her paws in the water bowl to cool her ... she liked that!

Even on the lead, Polly easily succeeded in outwitting my husband ... I bellowed as I trailed behind, but it was too late, despite her bath earlier in the week, Polly's shoulder swiftly dipped and before Stuart could do a thing about it, pretty Polly had become a poo smeared ponger!  Phwoar!

We punctuated our walk with a charming fine bone china cuppa and fresh baked cup cakes at 'Mrs Knott's Tearoom' at the White Cliff's lighthouse (Bonio and a couple of crisps for Polly) ... I highly recommend taking a pitstop there, it really was a lovely treat!

With the exception of her stinky poo roll and a rather disconcerted bark at a lady on the cliff who was wearing huge pair of dark glasses and a long black headscarf, Polly behaved beautifully all day and absolutely loved having the opportunity to sniff somewhere new and exciting!

If you'd like to walk along the White Cliffs and enjoy a good ol' fashioned cup of tea in a proper china cup, check out the link below:

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