Monday, 29 July 2013

You can take a dog to water ..

Monday, 29 July 2013

You can take a dog to water ..

There's definitely a pattern emerging with our Polly ... show her water and she can't help but immerse herself!

It began in early June with her first tentative paw dip when she visited Leybourne Lakes Country Park with my daughter and her boyfriend.

A couple of weeks later, inspired by a large chocolate labrador, she suddenly leapt into the River at Teston Bridge Country Park and managed her first ever official swim!

On our visit to Shorne Country Park earlier this month, Polly couldn't resist a splash in the 'dog pond' ...

Turning herself from a pretty cream and gold pup, into a stinky, swampy mudwump!

Then after quite literally dragging us onto the green slimey beach atRiverside Country Park this weekend, she dug in and absolutely refused to budge when we tried to move her away from the water!

We eventually managed to convince her the path was where we needed to be, but as you can see, our fledgling swimmer made her disapproval very clear!

We took pongy Polly to Mote Park yesterday afternoon and she tugged forcefully towards the lake as she circled it with us. When we reached a shallow outlet, we  finally allowed her some muddy fun in the water, after which she squelched and oozed her way cheerfully back to my poor little car, feeling very pleased with herself.  Needless to say, all windows were wound down for the journey home ... phwoar, stinky dog!!!! 

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera to the park yesterday, so no more mudwump pics to share - instead, here is my beautiful clean fragrant Polly, fresh as a daisy after her much needed bath!

Polly says our local country parks are great fun for dogs, so if you are visiting Kent with your furry friend, don't forget to bring their water wings!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back to School

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back to School!

So it will be back to school for me this summer!  Well not just me ... at nineteen weeks of age, Polly is fast approaching the 'testing teens', so I've taken the plunge and booked an appointment with professional dog trainer Kevin.  We spent two hours deep in doggy conversation yesterday while Kevin put us through our paces, planning how best to polish Polly's lead manners and generally teach me to help my cheeky pup become a polite young lady. 

Poor ol' Poll was so tired after concentrating all morning, she slept like a log all afternoon!  Heel work, clicker training, staying, coming, fixed and variable treating ... goodness me, there's a lot for us to learn!

We will be joining one of Kevin's very popular outdoor obedience classes in August.  As a police dog trainer of many years standing he comes highly recommended, but most importantly as far as I'm concerned, Polly responded well to him. 

Me 'n Poll began our formal lead practice this morning before breakfast; there will be no more 'Polly walking Paula' in the future - listen up pup, Mum's back in the driving seat!

I'll keep you updated with progress reports when me 'n Polly start school, but in the meantime, Polly girl, we need words ... that bench is for Mum to sit on, not you!
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