Thursday, 25 February 2016

Rainbows and recall

Betty and Polly's joint obedience training session went pretty well all things considered. I stayed upright this week (!) and the pair of them had great fun running with their pals (and in Poll's case, chasing up and down the fence line with the red setters) and their recalls were pretty darn good, yay! Little Betty's sits 'n stays 'n downs are showing signs of cementing now and taking her round the agility course is a joy - she really loves it and works hard to be a good obedient girl for mum.

Betty training under her very own rainbow!

Polly on the other hand, trained for two and a half years, enjoyed one round of obedience and the opportunity to race over the A Frame (her fav!) then switched off in favour of sniffing rabbit poo ... they may be sisters but they definitely have different outlooks on life! 

Lovely weather today, chilly and sunny; in fact, perfect dog training weather! Both girls now fast a-kip ... must admit, I wouldn't mind joining them!
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