Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A new term, a new pupil!

Betty starts obedience school next week as she will be four months old. I can't quite believe it has come round so quickly!  It has been lovely to watch her personality unfolding as her confidence develops.  She is a completely different character from big sis Polly, she is calm and a gentle little soul, always eager to please.  Polly was far more excitable as a puppy and much more determined to have her own way, so a bit more of a handful!  Betty's sweet nature has made early training at home straightforward and I am happy to say, her lovely, happy go lucky personality, complements my Polly's character beautifully.

Watching the boats at the Lock

Recently, we've been taking the girls out and about to build Betty's confidence by sharing a range of new experiences before she starts school.  So far she has coped pretty well with the big wide world and has even overcome her dislike of car travel.  Mind you, she wasn't at all keen on the big black motorbike parked against a kerb the other day, but I guess to a little pup, those mechanical beasties can look pretty scary!

Polly and Betty have become great friends in the eight weeks since she came to live with us and it feels as though she has always been here.  According to my husband who wakes earlier than I do, the girls even spend every night together snuggled in Polly's big bed!

Polly has made teaching Betty the basics much easier than they might otherwise have been; I often see Betty looking to her big sister and copying her when she doesn't quite understand what I have asked of her.  There's no doubt in my mind, Polly is a far better qualified teacher than I am.  That said, I am taking Betty to school on her own, to ensure she learns how to become an independent young lady in her own right and not too dependent on big sis for confidence.

Time to start on the real work now!
Good luck little Bets!

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