Sunday, 29 December 2013

Polly's First Christmas

Rather than stand our Christmas tree in the bay window as usual, we relocated it to beside the fireplace this year, to allow Polly full access to 'her' lookout post (a.k.a our footstool!) in the hope she would be happy to ignore our heavily laden tree, if we didn't disturb her routine too much.

Polly tolerated our festive peculiarities including the tree in her lounge, showing little interest until she was left unattended for a few moments on Christmas Eve when she decided the time was ripe for some crafty unwrapping ... a cute dog mug from Stuart's sister; good choice Poll!

When Stuart's eight year old grandson came for his Christmas visit, Polly glued herself firmly to his side.  They watched Christmas telly together, ragged together and generally had a wonderful time puppy-ing around.

Needless to say, as a completely typical golden retriever, Polly is never more happy than when she is in the thick of things with her people, so we included her in our pre-Christmas family visits and invited our visitors to bring their wellies and join us on our walks.  Christmas Day was an especially happy day for Polly as my kids spent the day with us ... Polly plonked herself right in the middle of our Christmas family chaos, to 'help' with their unwrapping!

She was delighted to discover Santa had left a couple of gifts under the tree with her name on them ...

... and was especially excited to unwrap her giant orange octopus!

She helped Chef prepare us a fine turkey lunch ...

Then took us all out for a muddy tromp through the local woods and orchards to walk off our Christmas excess ...

... and run off some of her own Christmas steam!

And if it hadn't been for Polly, we might never have seen this wonderful sunset ... a fabulous ending to a very special family Christmas Day.

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