Friday, 6 December 2013

A girl about town ..

As we live on the outskirts of a busy county town, regrettably Polly's life can't be solely about romps through woodland and countryside, so we also regularly practice what we call 'pavement walking'.  Obviously it's not half as much fun as chasin' squirrels, but needs must ...

Polly wasn't sure about wearing her smart new tartan jacket at first, but a recent rainy day lead walk along the noisy A20 with cars, lorries and buses whizzing up from behind her, soon had her convinced it wasn't such a bad idea.  She walked smartly to heel with me, paying close attention to my instructions at all times and seemed to take comfort from the jacket wrapped snugly around her body.  It was a very challenging and stressful walk for such a young dog, but she managed it brilliantly and I must admit, I was very proud of her!

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