Sunday, 29 December 2013

Out trompin'

One of my favourite things this Christmas holiday, has been to pull on my wellies and take Polly out walking with my family.

On Christmas Day we went tromping over fields with my son and his girlfriend.

We sploshed through muddy puddles ...

And watched as Polly raced across the corn field as free as a bird (thank you so much cheesy recall!)

Then on Boxing Day, we bundled Polly into the car and drove out to White Horse Country Park with my daughter, to enjoy some fresh air and spectacular views.

Thankfully, after all the heavy rain and gale force winds inflicted on our area of late, the Christmas holiday graced us with gloriously crisp, bright weather, perfect for dog walking!

The day after Boxing Day, we took Polly to Allington Lock to see how it was coping after the recent storms ...

The tide was high and flowing dangerously fast.

Needless to say, we kept Polly on her lead as she loves water and we definitely didn't fancy getting wet!

We crossed over the bridge and as twilight descended, strolled along the river path towards Maidstone, enjoying the variety of boats moored along the towpath.

Polly toddled along happily and didn't seem to mind in the least that she was on her lead.

Usually we walk along this river in the summer months when Allington Castle is hidden behind a dense screen of trees, so it was a lovely surprise to discover the castle exposed on our wintery walk!

As daylight faded, I tucked my camera back in my pocket and we continued to walk through the town's Millenium Park, then back home via hidden pathways along the other side of the river.  Our short walk to the Lock had eventually extended to approximately four miles and Polly coped admirably.  She walked like a lady on her lead the entire route and didn't fuss once ... it doesn't seem possible only a few short months ago she was refusing to walk politely on the lead, shaming me with her antics!  I am happy to say our lovely Poll Dog at almost ten months of age, is a completely different girl these days and going out and about with her is now our absolute pleasure!

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