Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Follow my leader ..

After searching on Google to find out how to turn on my car's fog lights (!) me 'n Polly braved thick fog this morning, to drive out to Hucking Woods for our walk with our lovely new friends, Jane, Molly, Dudley and Sue.

Polly was so excited to catch up with her pals that holding onto her proved a bit of a challenge for me at first ... Dudley and Molly both walk beautifully on the lead, so I am hoping Polly will soon learn from their excellent example!  One thing was very clear today, my headstrong girl definitely wasn't in a 'heeling' frame of mind, she wanted to lose her lead and 'go play' with her playmates, as soon as possible!

I wish I'd taken a better camera with me to capture just how beautiful the landscape was as the sun peeped through the fog ... unfortunately my little point' n shoot struggled to cope well.  Seeing this area in all weathers and watching the season change as our dogs play together, is a real privilege and certainly puts life into perspective.

Since we started walking, it has been interesting to watch Polly, Molly and Dudley establishing order in their little group.  Polly was accepted as a playmate straightaway and Molly, Jane's magnificent husky cross, seemed to take a lead role from the start, even guiding Polly (the youngest of the group) back to us when she appeared to stray a little too far from the group.  Molly has been used to walking regularly with sweet-natured Dudley and for a couple of weeks, appeared to organise 'her' Dudley and newcomer Polly, until they reached an understanding of how they were to fit into the group.  

This week, all three dogs appear to have reached a comfortable, happy state of play and have been romping around together, sometimes as a group, but also from time to time allowing one another the opportunity to play in pairs.  They are also each happy to explore independently once they have all run off a bit of steam together ... it really is fascinating to watch this little pack evolve!

Not only is it a real pleasure to share our dogs and the gorgeous local scenery, on a personal note, I am also delighted to have met two such welcoming ladies.  I thoroughly enjoy our chats about life, the universe et al as we clomp through the mud ... Jane and Sue, thank you both so much!

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