Tuesday, 17 September 2013

When the dog knows best!

Whoever said 'there's no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothing', hasn't met my Polly.  Determined to be the honourable kind of dog owner who walks in all weathers, I bought my girl a rain mac.  We tried it out in hammering rain on a dark evening recently and let's just say, as much as I would like to be the kind of dog owner who diligently walks her dog in all weathers, her ladyship had other ideas!  Surprisingly, it wasn't the mac which offended her, she didn't seem to mind wearing that and it really did a great job of keeping her dry ... no, it was the rain Polly objected to and absolutely no amount of jollying her along would convince her a walk in driving rain was a good thing, especially when there was a comfy rug back home.  After cajoling, bribing and all but pleading with her to stop laying on the path every few moments and blatantly refusing to budge until I saw sense, we both arrived back home cold, wet and very fed-up.  

So okay Polly, I concede, walking in heavy rain is miserable - next time it pours down it'll be you, me, the rug and Corrie on TV, I promise!


  1. Polly you are wise beyond your years. We never go out in the pouring rain, it is horrid.
    Wait for the rain to stop then go for walkies. :-)

  2. Hi Guys, I tried to tell her but you know what these new dog owners are like, think they know what's best for you ... she'll learn ;)


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