Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A carrot a day ..

Nom, nom, nom!

When my sister told me Polly's handsome German Shepherd pal 'Bugsy' enjoys a carrot at lunchtime every day, I thought I'd try introducing Polly to carrots too and am happy to report, she loves 'em!  Hopefully they will help keep her new grown up teeth in tip-top condition and they make a refreshing change from shop bought chews.

6 months of goldie pup!

And on the subject of Polly's gnashers, I can't tell you how relieved we are now her pointy, nippy baby teeth have been pushed out and replaced with strong adult pearly whites.  Polly's compulsion to chew everything in sight including us, seemed to disappear almost overnight when her big girl teeth made their appearance and now thankfully, she has a very gentle mouth.

At six months of age, she still enjoys a good 'ol chew, but now prefers to settle with a bone, carrot or dental chew, rather than exercise her chompers on our arms and feet!

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