Thursday, 5 September 2013

Click, Click!

We enjoyed the last of the Summer sunshine this morning with a lovely morning walk before breakfast, along the lane and back home along the road. Polly was a delight, walking politely to heel, sitting to meet the occasional doggy passer-by and avoiding what used to be an overwhelming temptation to introduce herself by jumping on strangers on their way to work ...

Clicker training is working miracles for my strong puppy girl (albeit ably assisted by tiny nibblets of chicken frankfurter) and I am so grateful to our instructor for introducing us to the power of that little plastic clicker!  

Our next trick is to click our way to teaching Polly how to ring a cowbell when she wants me to open the door for her.  Our lovely rustic bell arrived yesterday and already Polly has mastered 'touch' to make the bell ring to get my attention.  Next step will be to show her the bell gets the door opened ...

This slightly fuzzy 'selfie' was taken after our walk this morning on our new Lumix Fz200 camera ... it has a fun turn around LCD screen, so Polly can see her pic as it is taken. She decided she'd been such a good girl, it was time for me to allow her up onto my lap for a muddy pawed cuddle and a good tickle behind the ears!

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