Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pollying around Mote Park

It's hard to believe I've been walking in Mote Park for the best part of forty years in all weathers and at all times of year, but it's true ... there really is no doubting time flies!  The park has recently undergone a significant transformation which to be honest, I was dubious about (and somewhat grumpy!) because I have always loved tramping around the muddy, slightly shambolic pathways at the less formal end of the park and couldn't see the need for change. However, now the work has been completed I will freely and happily admit, I needn't have worried, our park is still glorious and clearing some of the heavy overgrowth has opened up some splendid vistas ... not least of which is the impressive view of Mote House, thankfully no longer ramshackle and shrouded in scaffolding.  

And the shabby old 'Volunteers Pavilion' has been transformed from the neglected building it once was.

Of course, the park is still a dog walkers' haven, providing wide green open spaces and woodland for both walkers and their dogs to share.

Polly isn't yet ready for 'off lead' walks in such a distracting area as she's still a little too excitable to cope with free roaming dogs, children, bicycles and the like and reliably come back to us when called.  However, with training her recall is improving all the time, so I'm sure she'll eventually be able to enjoy more freedom than her mean ol' extending lead can offer.  In the meantime, she's helping Dad get fitter by making him run round the park with her!

Today I let them run off steam as I mooched behind fiddling with my new camera - no point us all getting sweaty after all, ha!

We walked with our bouncy pup at a good pace for almost an hour and a half with only a brief pitstop to take the snap above (smile for the camera Polly!) but despite all the fresh air and exercise, it was only when Polly hopped into the car for the drive home, she showed the tiniest hint of wearinness as she stretched out onto the back seat ... me 'n Stuart on the other hand, yawned the whole way way home and have yet to recover!

Perky Polly!

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