Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Despite having a wardrobe to rival mine, there are of course Winter days when we throw caution and our cream carpets to the wind, abandon the aforementioned mud busting suits and just give Polly freedom to explore and be a happy, swampy dog ...

Polly knows the deal for these walks.  Thanks to being bathed regularly when she was a puppy and trained with treats to go upstairs carefully and get into the bath on command, now when we arrive home after either a muddy, or a poo roll walk (!) she lets me wipe her feet, then plods straight upstairs to the bathroom.  She lifts her paws so I can help her into the bath and stands patiently while I give her a nice warm hose down with the power shower.  She is very patient at bathtime and really seems to enjoy the warm water.

When we're finished, my soggy doggy hops out of the bath on command, allows me to towel dry her, then has a good ol' shake up and pushes herself head first along the hall carpet ... presumably to cover herself in her home scent and rub away the smell of all that honey and oatmeal shampoo!

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