Saturday, 3 January 2015

Purists look away..

Purists look away now ... this brief post is for fashion forward, mud weary owners only!

Yes, I'll freely admit, we have been teased by disapproving dog owning relatives...

But I'd like to point out, their dogs aren't pale gold mud sponges!

So, not only is Polly a 'fashion forward' goldie girl, she is also taking a very practical approach to her Winter wardrobe this year ...

The Hurtta frost jacket is tough, warm, waterproof and best of all, covers most of her tummy and chest, so no need for a bath every time we tromp through the woods.

I see this company also offers a 'combat suit' onesie model which entirely covers the dog's legs ... and there's no denying, I AM sorely tempted!

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