Friday, 2 January 2015

A spring in his step

Polly is besotted with my sister's German Shepherd, nine year old Bugsy, so after making a bit of a play pest of herself during our New Year's Eve visit to their house, I thought it might be a good idea to invite Bugs for a New Year's Day walk to give both dogs freedom to do their doggy thing properly and socialise outdoors.

We met at Capstone Country Park in Chatham because it offers plenty of opportunities for safe off lead dog walking.

It was clear Polly and Bugsy were enjoying their first walk of 2015 together as they stayed close all the time they were off lead.

And the great thing about walking together, was that recalls were easier because as soon as one recalled for sausage treats, the other came too!

The seven year age gap means Polly occasionally needs a reminder not to be too exuberant with Bugs as he tires a little more readily than she does these days, but judging from the permanent grin fixed on his handsome face as they explored Capstone together, having such a lively young female walking companion definitely put a spring in his step!

Despite the muddy cold and damp, we thoroughly enjoyed walking with Polly and Bugsy on New Year's Day.

Here's to happy healthy dogs and exploring the great outdoors with family in 2015!

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