Thursday, 14 August 2014

Practisin' keepin' Mum happy!

Mum had a 'quiet word' with me after training today.  She reckons laying down and turning my back to her, then pretending I couldn't hear instructions when I was meant to be practisin' on the training mat, was a wee bit rude ... oh and then there was all the sniffin' when I was s'posed to be paying attention during heel work drills, apprently she wasn't too keen on that either ...

I thought I'd better remind her what a good girl I was about coming back as soon as she called at playtime and then she had to admit, my recalls were pretty damn smart today.

She said it wouldn't have been so bad all things considered, if I had just walked nicely to heel during agility practice, rather than tugging a bit, but I pointed out, I did do my down stays like a good girl while she built jumps and I didn't run off to play with anyone else this week - then she remembered my fab A frame display and how I crossed the 'steady' like an absolute superstar and how I didn't run off when I vroomed through the tunnel like a racing car ... well, she didn't really say that, but she did agree I did rather well.  Thing is, I liked doin' agility without my lead last week, but mum seemed to think I ought to keep it on this week because of new dogs in our group, especially that handsome German Shepherd Archie ... apparently he can be a little bit grumpy if you surprise him.  Mum said it's early days trusting me not to run off and spoil other dogs' fun and I told her I've outgrown all that childish nonsense, so please can we do it without the lead again soon?  She just said 'maybe', but wrinkled her nose, so I'm not sure if she really means it ...

Anyway, the upshot is, Mum says today's training at dog school wasn't my best, but it wasn't my worst either.  I couldn't really be arsed if I'm honest, besides which Mum was a bit floppy 'cos Dad's poorly neck keeps waking her up in the night.  I don't really mind tho', 'cos we went to the little nature reserve down the road this morning 'to let off steam' (whatever that means!) before school and it was so much fun runnin' and sniffin' and playin' hide 'n seek in the bushes with Mum ... seems to me it was Mum who ran out of steam today, not me!

I've promised to be a good girl at school next week and just to keep Mum happy and show her I haven't really forgotten everything she ever taught me and that I can hear her really, I did my practice on 'mat' when we came home ... 'Polly stand', Polly sit', 'Polly down', 'Polly stand', 'Polly sit', 'Polly down' ... geez it's so borringgggg!!!!

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