Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Meet the neigh-bours!

A while ago I wrote about a rather scary encounter in the woods between Polly and a large horse ... (Emergency Stop!)

Since that eventful day, I freely admit to having become a little nervous about the possibility of bumping into horses again, when Polly is off lead.  It hasn't happened yet, but I am sure one day another horse will unexpectedly appear round a corner.  I'm hoping that by then, my excitable miss will have met a good number of horses safely tucked away behind fences, to have become de-sensitized and a little calmer around them.

Fortunately, these gorgeous Shetland ponies were just the right size and very gentle.  They were eager to say hello to Polly and Bugsy on our Bank Holiday ramble from Lamberhurst to Hook Green with the family.

Polly was quite excitable when she first spotted the ponies, but soon settled down after a stern word from me, then after a carefully monitored 'hello', she decided all was well and unexpectedly gave one of the ponies a big sloppy lick on the end of his nose before we continued on our walk!

We didn't only meet ponies, our walk also took us through fields of ewes with their lambs.  When they saw us coming, the sheep ushered their babies under a tree, creating an idyllic country scene - one of those perfect 'time stood still' picture perfect moments!  Polly and Bugsy walked smartly across the field on their leads, paying little interest in the sheep ... as far as my revolting Polly Dog is concerned, sheep poo is always far more interesting than actual sheep! Urgh!

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