Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bluebell woods and barricades

We're loving the dry spring weather here in the UK.  At last that awful squelchy winter mud is drying out and if you ask me, not a moment too soon!

Polly is making the most of her visits out and about ...

And we're becoming more confident to let her run off lead wherever the area is suitable.  She's lovin' the freedom to explore and can often be found with her nose poked down an unsuspecting rabbit's hole these days ... I won't be at all surprised if she gets bitten on the end of that nosey black hooter soon!

Sadly, near to our house, the little patch of ancient bluebell woodland and beautiful open field we enjoy so much, is now seriously threatened by housing developers.  If this succeeds, our lovely natural area will become unrecognizable.  To cap it all off, the land owning farmer has become so discombobulated by the anti-development campaigners, he vented his annoyance by barricading and fencing his pear orchard, sending a very strong message to all walkers ... not exactly the peaceful co-existence one might hope for in the local community!

I'm not yet sure what the future holds for us in terms of Polly's daily walks, but I do know traipsing round housing estates is nowhere near as much fun as trompin' through pretty countryside!  We will make the most of our beautiful  little bluebell wood while we still can, but after that ... ?

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