Wednesday, 27 November 2013

All work and no play?

Did I mention I'm a teddy bear designer?  It's not especially relevant to 'Polly's Progress', but for anyone hoping to find time to bring up a happy, well adjusted new puppy and also run a small business from home, it's probably worth a brief mention. When we adopted Polly, I promised I would give her all the training and attention she needed, so while bringing a puppy into my life has been an absolute joy and I don't begrudge a single second, it is fair to say she has taken a toll on teddy bear production, not to mention my general business admin!  In fact, I just received a call from a show promoter to ask if I'd received an email, which I had, but completely forgot to respond to ... oops!

In my workroom: come on mum, it's play time!

It is well documented that to achieve a happy, balanced dog, you must share your life and offer time freely ... I have nothing to add to that, except to suggest that if you are planning to adopt and also hope to work from home in your role as new puppy mum/dad, you might benefit from planning well ahead to minimise work obligations ... puppies/young dogs need every bit as much attention as small children and will divert your work focus with a single pleading gaze, or wag of their tail!

I try to work while Polly is sleepy.  She usually has a nap downstairs in the afternoons, so that's when I catch up with the backlog in my workroom.  When Polly thinks I've worked for long enough, she climbs upstairs to find me, puts her nose in my lap and licks my legs ... that's her signal for 'enough now mum, it's time to come downstairs and play with me!'

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