Thursday, 14 November 2013

Good Golly Miss Polly!

Today is a momentous day, a day to be celebrated!

On this, our tenth obedience training class, Polly, aged eight months, at last gave me positive formal recalls each time I called her back from the group in our 'off lead' dog walking session ... I am so proud of her!!!

Hucking Woods - this pic was taken a few years ago in the Spring.  
It was pouring hard and very, very muddy, when we went there this week!

I must thank Polly's fellow dog training students Dudley and Molly and their humans Sue and Jane, for inviting us on their walk in Hucking Woods earlier this week. Polly absolutely loved having new friends to squelch through the mud with and her new school pals really helped cement her recall, as well as giving me confidence to let her 'go play' off lead, so thank you all!  

Today's training session went pretty well, all things considered.  Polly's recall was the main focus for me and I was delighted to see how pleased her instructor was for us when that recall kicked in!  Our other obedience tasks such as 'down staying' and 'sit staying' and agility are progressing, but there's still plenty to sharpen up. 

Overall,  I can happily say I feel as though Polly has come a long way since I first began recording her progress and I now feel we are moving forward in our understanding of one another ... which, as far as I am concerned, is what it's is all about.

Nice work Polly Dog!


  1. Well done Polly! If I can do it so can you.
    A wag and a woof and a doggie lick

    From your new mate Molly

  2. Hi Molly! It was so much fun for us to come out squelching with you and Dudley in the woods! Looking forward to doing it again very soon, thank you so much for your help and your friendship xxx


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