Saturday, 9 November 2013

Manners maketh mud much easier!

Even though heavy rain isn't usually Poll's preferred walking weather, we both enjoyed our tromp through the local woods this morning.  By the time we arrived home we were both soaked and very muddy.  After deciding I didn't want a dog that barged rudely into my house, I've taught Polly to wait on the doorstep while I climb out of my wellies and coat, so she sat patiently until I invited her in to lay on her towel, so I could wipe her feet ...

Waiting politely on the doorstep

Simple obedience commands have helped Polly to understand what is expected of her in our house and her politeness helps me hugely.  No longer do we have a soggy doggy tangle of muddy legs and feet to battle with after walks and these days my carpets also stay reasonably clean, which is a big bonus!

Stinky Mudwump girl!

Mind you, today was bath day, so once I'd wiped away the worst of the mud, Polly was plonked in the bath for a proper scrub.  Fortunately she doesn't mind having a bath and thankfully sits calmly while I lather and rinse.  Today she not only had two honey and oatmeal shampoos to freshen her up, I also gave her coat a little extra help with my Moroccan Oil conditioner ... rather an expensive doggy treatment perhaps, but well worth sharing it as Polly's coat is now gorgeously soft and fragrant!

Without a doubt Polly will return to her preferred 'stinky mudwump' state in a day or so, but in the meantime, I'm making the most of her 'groomed and gorgeous' look by snapping a couple of quick pics for posterity ... I hope you enjoy them.

If only my girl always looked and smelled this good!  Ah well, I'd better make the most of it, come on Poll, it's time for a big ol' cuddle!

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