Thursday, 31 October 2013


We had a house guest at the weekend and Polly is smitten!  
Stuart's eight year old grandson loves Polly and Polly loves him right back. 

Wherever he went, Polly went too.  If he sat, she laid at his feet and when he watched tv, she watched with him.

They played footie together at the park ...

Crunched through autumn leaves together ...

And even smiled for the camera together!

Then when Polly's young pal went to play in the playground, she waited patiently outside the railings for him to come safely back.

Polly weighs in at a fairly hefty twenty seven kilos now and easily has the strength and size to knock or pull a child over, yet she trundled round the park at meandering boy pace, played enthusiastically but gently, waited patiently and proved what a sweet-natured girl she is.

She may have pulled a hole in my best rug recently and always be the last in class to recall, but I can't fault her where it really matters ... yes, our Polly is growing up to be a very good girl!

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