Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Party Polly!

Polly's social life is taking off!  She accepted an invitation to her first Halloween party last weekend and as her buddies Bugsy the German Shepherd and Marley the labrador were both going to be there, I decided to embrace the opportunity to 'bomb proof' my pup further and set about making her a Halloween collar to wear (flashing orange with a pretty orange ribbon frill.  I also bought her a pair of sparkly black fairy wings to fix to her harness!)

My laid back golden girl

Needless to say the collar lasted all of two minutes on arrival and with two boisterous playmates in high Halloween spirits to dash around with, the wings were never actually attached, so I'm afraid I didn't manage to catch a photograph of Polly in her Halloween costume.

Dressed for Halloween party fun!

My first concern was that Polly might not recognise me (even my nieces didn't recognise me until I spoke!) or would be spooked by my odd new look, but I was surprised to discover having 'mum' morph into a grey-haired, pointy hat wearing, long frock swishing witch, didn't phase my girl in the least (I wonder what that says about how she thinks of me usually?!)

The Purple conservatory Witch

My sister's house was completely transformed into a sensational Halloween haunt, with all manner of mystical, eye-popping, flapping, dangly creatures making strange noises, including a life size cackling purple witch parked in the conservatory.  The children (and some adults!) shrieked to a spooky playlist, and from a pup's eye view, there were an awful lot of strange legs to be negotiated.  We're talking full-on party chaos here and amazingly, my golden girl coped well with this frantic All Hallowes Eve madness!

Me 'n Stuart
First of all, she ran off steam in the huge country garden with her pals, chasing around happily with the visiting 'dog-confident' children and entertaining herself by pulling out a garden ghoul to play with!  Then when eventually tiredness caught her out, I looked down to find Polly had navigated her way through the house full of party people to find me, plonked herself at my feet and fallen fast asleep.  Aw!

My monster girl having a cuddle with Polly

I was anxious to ensure Polly was on her best behaviour with so many strange guests and ghostly goings-on, in what was a very challenging environment for such a young dog, so was hugely relieved to hear she had been well-behaved with everyone whilst out of my sight.  Way past the witching hour, Polly climbed back into our car with my monster daughter and Stuart's ghostly grandson, then our three weary Halloween spooks conked out together in a jumble on the back seat.

Ghostly Grandson and Grandad

I think it's fair to say a good night was had by witches, spooks, monsters, ghosts, ghouls, pups and all!

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