Thursday, 3 October 2013


I'd hate to give the impression our Polly is a ladylike miss, with perfect manners ... if only that were true!


After staying home for the past couple of days while we were poorly, I took pity on Polly this morning and we nipped along the lane to our local playing field.  It was a lovely mild autumnal morning, the sun was shining, leaves were turning golden and despite my cough, I was enjoying our walk as Polly trotted along contentedly beside me. 

There wasn't a soul to be seen when we reached the playing field, so I took the opportunity to let Polly off lead for a good run ... and boy did she run!  She joyously raced in wide athletic circles, impressing me with two perfect recalls between races!  Result!

Feeling pleased with us both, I let Polly go off to play one more time, but halfway through one of her magnificent racing circles, she stopped to sniff, then sniff some more, so I called her back several times, but she didn't so much as glance my way before rolling belligerently onto her back, all four goldie legs a-wavin' in the breeze! Alerted to naughtiness, I raced over to take charge, but this really was a case of doggy ecstasy beyond ecstasy and there wasn't a hope of me being obeyed!  

As I reached for madam's collar to haul her unceremoniously back to standing, the over-powering pong of something revoltingly unmentionable wafted up at me ... yes, my pretty cream, only bathed-and-blow-dried-on-Sunday, fresh as a daisy goldie girl, was rolling delightedly in, horror of horrors ... a sloppy puddle of POO!!!!!

So today I am afraid there are no pretty Polly pics to share with you ... she did the walk of shame back home absolutely stinkin', was hosed off in the garden and is now drip drying her way back into my good books while I recover my sensibilities with a hard-earned cuppa.  

Shame on you Poll!

Bloomin' dogs!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Paula. I was having a bleh day and this really cheered me up. It reminded me of my friend's white horse who would like to poo right on her clean white leg after a hosing and scrubbing giving my friend double the work (and she never would poo on her half white and black leg, just the white one)

    In hindsight I'm sure you'll have more laughs about this with Polly.
    Have a wonderful day

  2. Lol, animals eh?! Glad you enjoyed the read :)


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