Friday, 6 May 2016

Work, rest and play!

Little Betty isn't so little any more.  Her first birthday is almost upon us and our year together has flown by.  I have walked miles and miles in beautiful countryside and along pavements ... basically, anywhere that will have us!  Betty and her sister Polly continue to obedience train - dog training isn't so much a hobby, as a lifestyle these days.

In fact, I've just come in from a 'Real Life' training session with Betty this morning.  We walk and train with a guide-dog instructor and a small group of friendly dogs each week.  We visit all kinds of local places to give the dogs a broad training experience. This morning Betty ran with her pals through the bluebell woods at Penenden Heath, walked to heel across the scary high level motorway bridge, tackled steep steps politely, trotted along a noisy road and practiced loads of 'sit stays' (her least favourite thing to do - she is such a fidget bum!) in close proximity with the other dogs.  She also did her bit in a synchronised group walking routine on the Heath.  Mind you, breaking Betty of her pulling habit is still an on-going battle, but I am proud to say, my cheeky Miss Boo has improved hugely of late.

I don't think a dog's life shouldn't only be about obedience and training though.  After work comes rest and play ... and boy do my two LOVE to play!

Time to put the kettle on now and find a couple of chews for my girls.  They've really earned them this week!

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