Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A Golden smile!

Me 'n Polly have been to an agility training session today, 'down on't' farm' ... which meant, not only weaves, jumps, seesaw etc, but also horses, peacocks, geese and chickens! Poll did really well on the agility equipment and seemed to enjoy it.  She also remained completely calm when I took her to meet the horses, which amazed me as she's usually overly excited by them (anyone who has read this blog from the beginning, will recall the time she was off lead and met a large horse in the woods ... rather a tense situation to say the least!)  Our training group buddies today were, one massive great Dane, an enormous Irish Wolfhound, a stressy Weimaraner, a Giant Schnauzer, a Wire Haired Terrier and a teeny tiny Dachsund ... definitely what you might call an eclectic bunch!

It's been a good few days for Polly, as my grown up daughter came home to stay for the weekend. Polly was delighted to have 'her' Fay back home (so was I!) and glued herself to Fay's side.  Just look at this photo snapped on our Sunday walk ... I don't think Polly could look any more delighted if she tried!!!

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