Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Looking the Biz

Polly, looking the biz in her hi-vis!

We do love a rain mac!  Now it's dark so early in the day, I think Polly needs to stand out, so this cheery orange number does the trick perfectly. The funky orange lead is reflective, ideal for crossing roads safely in the dark ... and for the very darkest walks, we can always accessorize with her flashing disco diva collar!

Unfortunately, after skating across the kitchen floor like Bambi when she tried them on for the first time, Poll was far less enthused with her new snow boots. She sat determinedly down, blankly refusing to walk another step.  It was so funny, I confess I laughed out loud!  Luckily my lovely girl graciously accepted a big cuddle by way of my apology once I'd regained my composure! I think she saw the funny side, but I guess she does have a point, it was a little undignified!  The boots won't go to waste, we'll pop them in her ever-expanding box of doggy paraphernalia and keep them handy, just in case she ever hurts a paw and needs to protect it - they'll be handy for that at least!

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