Thursday, 27 November 2014

Sister Act

After pondering for several months, I eventually asked a couple of detective type questions at dog training today and finally had my suspicions confirmed ... Elsie, a fabulously sleek, speedy golden retriever girl and special favourite with Polly, is in fact my Polly's sister!

Peas in a pod: Elsie and Polly 

Polly was so excited to meet Elsie the very first time and after chatting with mum Sue in a later class, I discovered Elsie had been born in the same town as Polly.  I wondered then if they might be related, but being a polite sort (!) didn't like to pry further.

Our two girls became instant friends and had heaps of fun playing together on the field at school; so much so, it would sometimes lead them to create a little mischief during obedience sessions because they would break 'stays' now and again, preferring instead to run off to play with one another!

When Kevin (our instructor) snapped the above picture back in the Summer, the similarity between Polly and Elsie really hit me ... our girls were like peas in a pod, there was absolutely no mistaking that family resemblance.

Today, I finally plucked up courage to ask Elsie's mum the name of her breeder ... and bingo!  Polly and Elsie ARE litter sisters and judging from how thrilled they were to meet one another and how delighted they have been to romp together at school ever since, I think our gorgeous girls probably knew they were sisters long before their owners did!!!

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  1. I love this! They must be so delighted to get to see one another. I see many play dates in your future. :)


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