Thursday, 2 October 2014

Harnessing success

One of those training days when everything just worked! No traffic along windy narrow country road, no rain and best of all no need to wonder what it's all been for, because today my clever girl worked hard and showed me exactly what all our hard work has been for ...

Yes, she slipped her mooring to say a brief hello to new pal Jenson during agility practice, but aside from that momentary doggy misdemeanour, Miss Polly was on good form today, working hard for me throughout the full hour and a half and having a super time on the group walk with her pals.  For the first time, Poll even completed a full 'down stay/out of sight' with me popping behind a car to hide (thanks to Kevin for giving me the nudge to take that final plunge and hide) and her off lead, close heel work, made me very proud of her indeed ... *insert proud mum grin here*!

Maybe some of today's success was down to Poll's smart new 'Perfect Fit' harness?  She took to this new, super robust, fleece lined harness, straight away (and believe me, if she doesn't like a harness she quickly lets me know by slinking away to a corner and sulking when I try to put it on her!) I decided we'd test drive this one at school today and am happy to say she seemed very comfy in it as she bombed around the field with her pals on our group walk ... and it really does fit perfectly!  The harness withstood a circuit of the agility course and didn't inhibit her one iota as she practised hurdling, weaving and racing over her favourite A frame.  A front fastening 'D' ring suits us well for heel walking with a double ended lead and as this harness doesn't shift around on her back with use, I will definitely be putting the strong back 'D' ring to good use by attaching a long training lead to it for future countryside walks.  

I have occasionally walked Polly on collar and lead and although she does walk reasonably politely that way, she seems so much happier wearing a harness and I feel it is a kinder way to walk with her.  I am delighted to have at last found one that fits Polly so well and is really robust ... with such a big strong girl, robust is most definitely good!

It has been a very good day for us today.  
Well done my Polly, and thank you - you have been such a good girl!


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