Wednesday, 1 October 2014

An expert trainer

 When a husband undertakes DIY tasks about the home, particularly plumbing, I have found the safest course of action is to head outside!

So during Saturday's shower installation, Polly and I ducked out and drove through the beautiful Kent countryside to spend the afternoon at my sister's house in Wormshill.

Polly absolutely LOVES visiting Auntie Fo and is always very excited to catch up with her favourite boyfriend, Bugsy the German Shepherd.

Bugsy is always a perfect gent with Polly.  He is a calm, gentle fellow, a terrific teacher.  In fact, when Polly steps out of line Bugsy just barks her right back onto it!  She defers to his senority and there is no question when you watch them play, Bugsy is boss.  That said, there is also no doubt that Polly has brought out his inner puppy!  It is lovely to watch them together and to see nine year old Bugsy cast aside his adult reserve and invite his cheeky young girlfriend to play, by bowing, nudging and pawing with her.

I snapped these photos as we sipped coffee after a long off lead romp through local woods and across fields ... as you can see, our dogs were so pleased to see one another, they were still full of beans when we arrived back home!

They did eventually run out of steam and settle inside with us for a kip.  Bugsy is a good bit older than Polly, so she woke first and gave him an occasional sniff to see if he would wake and play again.

While he continued his snooze, Polly took full advantage, sneaking a good ol' back scratch from Bugsy's mum ... Auntie Fo gives the best back scratches!

By the time Bugsy did wake, my two nieces had joined us, together with my sister's two year old Granddaughter.  Little Ella is very confident with large dogs and both Polly and Bugsy behave impeccably with her.

Aside from mastering recall, my biggest training hurdle during the past year, has probably been Polly's boisterous play with other dogs, yet with the right trainer, Polly understands the rules and is well mannered, playful, receptive... 

Trainers, I have learned, don't always come in human form.

Thank you for all your help Bugs.  
You are a very special and generous dog trainer. 
A true expert in fact!

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