Thursday, 17 September 2020

Fresh air, family, friendship ... and freedom.

 I haven't posted for a few months as it has been the strangest of times. This Spring, we found ourselves living through a global pandemic. Our lives were forced into Lockdown, which essentially put the world on hold. Family and work life was severely restricted and no-one truly understood the full impact this situation would have. Within a few short weeks the UK economy was shaken to the core, families were torn apart, worldwide fear was rampant...

The only freedom legally available to us during Lockdown, was a single walk each day, from our homes ... and so we walked. And each day we were so grateful for that walk. Polly and Betty never failed to keep us smiling, reminding us to enjoy all that was still beautiful around us.

We walked many miles during Lockdown and were blessed with wide open spaces, sunshine most days and of course, the odd muddy puddle here and there.

Polly and Betty never failed to lift my spirits at a time when the private pain of being forced apart from my children and grandchildren was a daily struggle.

We kept walking through Spring into Summer. We saw bluebells, pear blossom, dandelions and clover. We walked and we walked, until at last our family was returned to us by the Government. 

In July, we could hardly believe our good fortune, when the Government announced family holidays were to be made available again. Without a moment's hesitation, we headed to the property we had previously booked in Norfolk, to reunite with my son, his family and my daughter. Polly and Betty were delighted to see bags being loaded into the car and eagerly hopped into the backseat to begin their adventure.

They spent the next week having the time of their lives on the beautiful Norfolk beaches, with their most favourite people in the whole wide world.

They splashed and they crashed, they swam and they ran...

And after all the anxieties and strain of Lockdown, I spent the entire week, grinning from ear to ear, eating ice-cream, playing with my grandchildren, chatting with my adult family and simply being so grateful for every single moment we were able to spend together.

2020 has been a year no-one will ever forget and few will remember with pleasure I am certain. I will always be grateful to my amazing golden girls for keeping our life together focused on fresh air, family, friendship and freedom... because that is what truly matters in life. 

I am so grateful to you for always being by my side girls. 
Never more so than throughout this year.

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