Monday, 10 June 2019

Soggy doggy days

Saturday's walk with my dogs must rate as the soggiest for quite some time ... in fact I was soaked right through to my undies after tromping along in torrential rain with them for an hour an a half. Madness!

Thankfully Sunday's walk in Jeskyns Community Woodland (a fab country park for dogs in Gravesend, Kent) was a little drier and a whole lot more fun ...

Polly and Betty had a lovely time racing around through pretty meadows and along woody pathways in the sunshine, then finished their walk with a splash in the duck pond as rain clouds loomed on the horizon. Neither was quite brave enough to venture in for a proper swim as that meant stepping from a ledge and dropping into deeper water. Big they may be, but brave they most definitely are not!

And as if I haven't been quite wet enough already, this week has brought with it storm warnings and yet more torrential rain. As I write, rain is crashing onto the glass roof of my conservatory and my poor roses are struggling to stay upright in the garden. Not a good day for walking dogs that's for sure, but we'll don raincoats and hunt out my wellies anyway ... urgh. I don't mind admitting, soggy doggy days are not my favourites.

I don't think rainy days are Polly and Betty's favourite walk days either ... both my girls went to the back door this morning, took one look at the heavy rain then promptly refused to put a single paw outside. They are currently fast asleep on the living room rug, presumably with their bladders in sleep mode until the rain eases!


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