Friday, 8 July 2016

Stand to attention!

We may have finished at our old obedience school, but we do still practice obedience training each day.  Today we are celebrating Betty's formal 'stand at a distance'.  This has been a long time coming and a challenge teach my fidgety miss, but I am delighted to say, she can now 'stand' from a sit and a down, to both verbal command and hand signal, without leaping forward excitedly each time.




Training my girls together has been challenging and sometimes a bit chaotic, but very satisfying when everything comes together. Polly learned these commands a long time ago and is always happy to perform for a clicker, but it's taken Betty a while to settle into the 'stay' element as she only has two settings, 'on at full playful burst', or 'off and sound asleep'!

So well done Betty for at last mastering your sit, down stay and stand at a distance ... and well done Polly for managing to stay calm and focused as little sister bounced around you throughout the past year, while she gradually learned her own obedience skills!

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