Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mission double dog walk

Mission double-dog walk accomplished, with a busy 'A road' full of fast moving scary lorries and buses, thrown in for good training measure.

We finished our walk with a lively romp on the playing fields and met four good natured little dogs, a staffie, two cockerpoos and a springer spaniel. I was absolutely soaked to the skin by the time we left, but we enjoyed our walk (mostly thanks to Betty's new Gentle Leader head harness - it doesn't make her an angel on the lead exactly, but boy does it help!) I hated the idea of using a head harness, but after struggling with my friendly little steam engine when she's walking with her sister, I caved in ... and am now glad I did, as it seems to have created a turning point for us. Betty now walks beautifully on a body harness when it's just me 'n her and the head harness helps when I walk both girls together. She's still learning and I'm sure we'll be able to ditch it soon.


Postscript ... I should mention our double dog walk success was not just due to Betty's new head harness, to be fair Polly walks beautifully to heel nowadays; she is such a good girl on her lead, no matter how hard her sister pulls. Betty Boo please watch your big sister and take note!

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