Thursday, 22 October 2015

Obedience, Betty Stylie

I hope you enjoy this pic of little Betty Boo taken by our instructor Kevin during a recent class ... (thanks Kevin!)

Betty has taken to obedience school like the proverbial duck to water and especially loves the agility course. We are of course limiting jumps and avoiding the big A-frame to protect her growing joints, but she still has plenty of fun balancing on the baby see-saw/walkways and jumping through hoops/over low hurdles.  She is mastering weave poles too, but her favourite pieces of equipment are the tunnels; she learned the word 'tunnel' quickly and is always eager to show me how clever she is at racing through them!  Today she completed each circuit of agility equipment under control off lead and walked between each group of equipment on the field neatly to heel, down & sit staying when asked and recalling between tasks promptly when instructed.

Our nightly pavement lead walks have started to pay dividends in the heel walking session too.  Each evening I have been teaching Betty how not to pull like a steam train on her harness, to wait at each kerb before we cross a road, sit when asked and turn when I give her the instruction.  Incidentally, she has also learned to 'go wee' on command which is pretty darned handy, let me tell you!

I really couldn't ask any more of my five month old pup at the moment; she is a joy to train, great fun and a proper little sweetheart!


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