Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mix and Match Walkies

On Sunday we popped Polly and Betty into the car to drive and drove to what we call 'Big Field', where they had an absolute blast indulging their inner goldie by romping through the long grass.

As Betty is only just coming up to fourteen weeks old, we are of course making sure she doesn't overdo her walks, so rather than walk to the field as we usually do with Polly, we drive and let Betty set the play pace once we're there.  Polly is having so much extra exercise with the little sister puppy play, she doesn't mind a shorter walk because it's so much more fun than walking on her own!  Polly still has a longer individual walk with me each day and Betty also has a mini daily lead walk to teach her the basics of heel walking and obedience ... (she's doing really well!)

With the mix of individual and joint walks for both dogs, dog walking is currently a bit of a shift system but at least a routine is beginning to fall into place ... and I am having so much fun watching them explore the big wide world together!



  1. You really do put so much time and effort into gentle, sympathetic training and it is proving such a good 'investment' in developing two beautiful girls. Lucky dogs to have such a caring owner.

  2. Thank you so much Boomer, that is such a kind comment, I really appreciate it x


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