Saturday, 6 June 2015


A quick word of warning about letting your lovely goldies meet on leads: if your dog is restrained on his lead and it becomes entangled with another dog also on lead, it can quickly become a problem. My poor Polly was badly bitten last night when another goldie owner brought their dog over to 'say hello' unexpectedly, as Polly and my husband were leaving my in-laws home after a visit. Excitement escalated on the driveway, causing leads to become entangled, panic to flare and my girl to be bitten. When these things ignite it happens incredibly quickly.

Most dogs meet far better off lead than on, so please bear that in mind next time you are out walking and think it would be nice to introduce your dog to another dog on lead. My advice is always give your dogs as much space as possible when they are on lead and please don't spring a surprise introduction on an unsuspecting dog who is just going about their business quietly! When dogs are on lead they have no way of extricating themselves from situations, so rely on us to give them good guidance and keep them safe. It doesn't mean they must never meet another dog on lead as that would be impractical, but it does mean it is important to gauge things very carefully, to prevent problems arising.

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