Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Wedding Etiquette

Polly's Cockerpoo pal Jessie from Hampshire, kindly invited Poll to be her 'plus one' in celebrating her mum and dad's lovely 'I do, in denim blue' wedding, so we drove to Portchester on Sunday morning for their garden reception party ... and not a moment too soon after sixteen long years together!

My sister Tina and my new official brother-in-law, Ian

We arrived a little earlier than the official time to give our dogs an opportunity to let off steam together at a local park before any wedding guests arrived. Polly was absolutely thrilled to catch up with her cheeky little friend Jessie again (the last time they saw each other was back in April).  Jessie, now a more mature young lady, was determined to maintain the upper paw with her excitable visitor and after a couple of firm 'woofs', soon had Polly at her beck and call.  After a quick trot round the park, we headed back to the lovely denim themed garden reception, to join in the family fun.

Watching the fun from a polite distance

To begin with, I kept Polly close on her lead.  I didn't want her ploughing through all the lovely games and decorations Tina, Ian and family had created for everyone.  I was desperate for Polly not disgrace herself as I would never have lived down such a black mark among my dog owning family!!!!

Enjoying garden games with the kids

Tina soon spied Polly on her lead in the corner though and marched over to free her ... so that was that, dogs on the loose, a garden full of family, games, food to explore and also, a shooting range on the driveway!  (Thankfully, Ian had a gate in place to prevent children and dogs from becoming accidental target practice!)

Jessie, Tina and our gorgeous great niece Ella

The afternoon went with a swing (not to mention a bang from the rifles being fired time and time again!) and both Polly and Jessie behaved beautifully despite the party chaos.  Once in a while a little playful excitement bubbled up between the two, but a promptly delivered word (actually three promptly delivered words - 'oi you two!') soon settled them back down.

Hoping politely for a few wedding cake crumbs!

I may have mentioned previously (or maybe not? I can't remember) Tina is a professional photographer and one who never quite manages to be off duty.  Even while she was meant to be enjoying her own wedding celebrations, she was setting up a photo booth in her fabulous garden studio for her guests to play in!

Polly enjoying her 'I do in denim blue' photo shoot with me 'n Tina

Jessie's turn for a photo with mum Tina and our great niece Ella

Needless to say, me 'n Poll aren't always the best at focusing on a camera lens, lol!

There were well over four hundred photographs taken using a remote control device in Tina's studio throughout the afternoon, some of which are definitely unsuitable for public release!!!  Even with the door shut, raucous laughter could be heard from the garden and let's just say, some of our younger guests took a dastardly delight in Tina's dressing up box!

Bride Tina (top left) and we four sisters, with mum

Sunday was a very special day, relaxed, great fun and a perfect reflection of Tina and her now-husband Ian. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tina and Ian for trusting Polly to share their lovely 'Denim Blue' wedding celebration ...

Queueing for wedding cake!

... and in her defence, the muffin was in a goldie nose height, open top bin. Ahem!!!

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