Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sunshine trompin'

With Spring almost upon us, I sense the days of endless mud may at last be fading! Hallelujah!  Since adopting Polly, I have learned the hard way that golden retrievers are impossible to keep clean and no matter how much you train them to avoid muddy puddles, they are never happier than when they are up to their elbows in the slimiest, sloppiest, squelchiest of mud puddles.

I had to chuckle the other day when, as we were walked home from a lunchtime ramble, a little Westie eagerly approached my mud monster, but was yanked back rather unceremoniously by his lady owner and instructed in no uncertain terms, 'don't play with that one, its filthy!'  I can only assume poor little Westie spent all his wet winter days taken round boring ol' pavements on his lead, rather than letting off steam through the mucky woods.

Don't get me wrong, after a tough wet winter spent hosing Polly back to cream after most walks, I'm all in favour of mud free dogs, but despite that, there is something so immensely satisfying about watching my beautiful golden girl rampaging delightedly through mud swamped woodland with complete disregard for her appearance, that I simply can't refuse her muddy fun!

My gorgeous girls, Fay and Polly

Saturday's glorious Spring sunshine was a real treat - my daughter and I could almost see the mud drying out as we strolled through Capstone Country Park with Polly.

Capstone is a beautiful park.  On arrival, it seemed rather busy with young families enjoying the children's playground and lake area, but once we found a pathway leading us into the countryside, it soon became very peaceful and absolutely perfect dog walking territory.  

It was lovely to catch up with my daughter to share fresh air time together.  We rambled and nattered for a good couple of hours, then headed back to sit in the sunshine by the lake with an ice-cream and a drink for Polly and caught our breath as we watched the world go by ...

Polly met lots of young children by the lake, all eager to give her a stroke and say hello.  I was proud to be able to let them approach, safe in the knowledge she would be gentle with them ... she even sat patiently and allowed a baby to stroke her ears.  She is such a good girl with kiddies and loves meeting them.

We will definitely visit Capstone with Polly again ... the wide open spaces, woodland and safe boundaries are perfect for her and the views are picture perfect too!

Roll on Spring for lots more lovely dog tromps in the sunshine!!!!

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