Monday, 6 January 2014

Mud, mud, glorious mud ..

Mud, mud, glorious mud, there's nothing quite like it ... and it sure was at its glorious best as we squelched our way around the golf course at Cobtree Manor Country Park yesterday afternoon!

My fluffy cream and golden retriever very quickly turned swamp brown, much to her furry delight!

There's no doubt that having a long haired, pale coloured dog is very hard work at this time of year, but rather than fuss about it, we just get on with enjoying ourselves and let Polly do her Polly Dog stuff, which often includes sploshing through swampy puddles and if the opportunity presents itself, jumping in up to her shoulders to hunt for sticks.

Hang on a tick Dad, there might be a good stick in here ...

Yay! This is a great stick!

Unfortunately for me, my lovely pink wellies chose yesterday to spring a leak!

We tried letting Polly off lead for a while, but she decided to run on the golf course rather than stay close to us on the perimeter path (can't blame her, she's absolutely right, it DOES look like a big green field!) Fortunately it was very quiet on the green, so no harm was done and to her credit, she came back promptly when I called her.

Polly didn't mind walking on her lead and was quite content to tromp through the mud at Dad's side while I played with my camera.

By the time we'd squelched around the entire perimeter of the golf course, we were all fresh air tired and extremely muddy.  Polly knows the routine by now though ... a quick kip on the back seat of my car on the way home, a wipe of her feet, then straight upstairs and hop into the bath for a thorough hose down, before a well-earned Bonio!

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