Friday, 28 May 2021

Betty's ray of sunshine



As we enter week 4 post operation, Betty has good reason to smile... her infection has subsided, wound has healed and the vet has at last removed her stitches! Horaay! We celebrated this progress with a teeny tiny, very slow walk, at one of Betty' favourite local haunts ... and as you can see, she was positively beaming!

We still have a long way to go to recover Betty's full mobility after TPLO surgery. At the moment after her infection, she is still under strict vet's restrictions, but slowly and steadily, growing in strength. Each day we take very short lead walks to gently rebuild muscle loss in Betty's leg; she hasn't run for many weeks which was always her biggest joy, but she is an amazing dog, adaptable and always willing to find the best in life, whether that is a cuddle, a sniff, or simply a short walk on the grass in the sunshine ... or eating the top of my banana!

Yesterday I was able to fold away the pen which has been Betty's safe space for the past few weeks; now the living room feels more like home and less like a doggy hospital. We still have gates placed across stairs and doorways to prevent accidents of course, but my girls are able to share living space once more and it is clear to see they take comfort from being together as sisters again. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before they can play in the garden together again!

In the meantime, this is our week 4 update ... still being careful, but now feeling cautiously optimistic and able to enjoy some sunshine!

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