Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Empty Nest?

Polly's second birthday slipped past in a flurry of van loading and bedroom emptying on Saturday, as my daughter said final farewells before moving out to her first independent home. It was quite an upheaval after thirty two years at home with me and four days on, there is still packing up to be done - she has accumulated an alarming amount of 'stuff' during her years at home!  Polly took the chaos pretty much in her doggy stride, barking loudly to let us know how highly she disapproved of having to stay behind the lounge door while the van was loaded.

As soon as my daughter and her boyfriend headed up the road en route to their new flat, my husband, Polly and I, hopped into my car and nipped out to a quiet local area ... the perfect place for me to gather myself back together, while Polly, ever in the moment and completely unsentimental, busied herself exploring every rabbit hole she could stick her pretty Goldie nose into.  Oh to be a Goldie!


So now my house is tidy - give or take an array of tug robes and tatty teddy bears spread across the living room rug no matter how often I tidy them back into their box ... and it's clean, give or take the ever present silky Goldie hairs which find their way into absolutely everything ... and of course, now Fay has moved out it's also quiet ... er, give or take the sporadic bursts of Goldie barking whenever anyone has the cheek to walk along the lane behind our house, the postman knocks, or that cheeky cat from over the road waves his tail through the window (ie., every five mins - groan!) Oh and now I come to think of it, I mustn't overlook that whenever she decides I need it, a warm wet Goldie nose appears on my lap and if I slap my leg twice, it's quickly followed with two big floppy Goldie paws and a big ol' Goldie heave ho, right up onto my lap for a cuddle fest perched on my swivel chair!

So, lots of love and luck to my daughter and her fella in their first home together, a big Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful Pollychops and also my heartfelt thanks to my gorgeous Goldie girl, for reminding me on that my nest isn't quite as empty as I feared it might be xxx
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