Thursday, 15 July 2021

A golden life worth living

Betty update. Week 10 post tplo op:

All pet barriers have now been removed at home so at last, Betty has free reign again. She is using stairs confidently and taking up her old position on the landing outside my workroom door, happily napping while she waits for me to finish work. She is also back to playing a little gentle tag downstairs with Polly. We're not quite back to complete golden chaos on the living room rug yet, but I'm sure it's coming!

Betty is clearly delighted to be back to daily walks with Polly and having short, managed bursts of exercise off lead. Yesterday she was also put through her paces on her second session of hydrotherapy and swam really well. Her exercise is being carefully monitored and she is progressing with great enthusiasm.

This cruciate ligament injury and subsequent surgery has been a long, worrying process. It was so hard to see our girl in pain, but at ten weeks post op, we are now really seeing the benefits of this major surgery for Betty.

I am so glad we were able to give our Betty Boo this opportunity to live a full golden life again. We no doubt have several more months ahead of rebuilding muscle wastage and stamina and will have to be careful with her for the forseeable future, but Betty is now pain free and most importantly, clearly enjoying her life once more.

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